I’m the one in the Ripcurl shirt.

Hello all!

My name is Zachary Straub and I am a senior in the Applied Exercise Science program here at UNE. I am a 21 year old foreigner from a remote Scottish town named Oban. I moved to the United States for college and hope to reside here once I have decided my career path within the health professions. Apart from an acute Sid Meier’s Civilization addiction and a disconcerting problem with self-deprecation, there really isn’t much to me. So, here is 5 facts about me: 

  1. I have been vegetarian pretty much all of my life. 
  2. I can juggle and balance virtually any object on my face. 
  3. I love to surf and free dive. 
  4. I work as an LNA.
  5. I have an abundance of tattoos. 

My experience with online classes is slim to none and the chance I learned anything from the ones I did take is also slim to none. Being able to wake up and listen to an 8am zoom lecture with the camera and microphone off whilst taking the morning slash (Scottish colloquialism meaning; to urinate) was definitely the highlight of my college career. Hopefully, without the crippling anxiety of examinations; this class will fare to be a refreshing learning experience for us all. 

Nice to meet all of you! Kinda.

Image credit for background: Kenny Barker

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