Okay, so this is going to be something a little different. Today I am going to list and talk about (briefly) every style of truck that Chevrolet has ever released and their specifications. There is a lot of content, but this is a super interesting subject for me. Growing up in Scotland, I never got to see any American Cars, but I used to love the show “American Pickers”. They would always feature old school Chevy’s and old school Indian motorcycles and stuff. American automobiles are my favorite to work on. The parts are big, easily sourcable, in abundance.. every mechanics dream. Although working on cars and learning about cars is just a hobby of mine; It is something I hope to do for most of my life, and these Chevy trucks are where it all began, through the television.

The first truck Chevy released was in 1918 and it was called the “One-Ton”. The One-Ton had a 3.67L OHV 4-Cylinder engine that could produce a staggering 36 horsepower, haha. OHV simple means “over head valve” which the video below does a great job of showing. The thing was built for function okay, hauling crops and stuff, whatever Americans did in 1918. Fun-fact from 1918: The price of a Gallon of Gas was $0.25. This is what she looked like:

The next truck that Chevy released wasn’t until 1929 and it was called the “International Series AC Light Delivery”, wow that’s a mouthful. This truck was very different to it’s predecessor. The AC Light Delivery had a 3.18L OHV 6-Cylinder engine that put out an even more impressive 46 horsepower, haha. The video below shows what an old 6-cylinder sounds like in a Chevy AC. Fun-Fact from 1929: The US population was on 121.8 Million people. This is what the AC Light Delivery looked like:

In 1938, Chevrolet released the “The Half-Ton”. The Half-Ton.. weighing, half as much, haha, had a 3.5L Inline-6 that had double the horsepower the One-Ton had. Cranking it up to 78hp. Fun-Fact from 1938: The price of a gallon of milk was $0.17. Below is a video of an original Half-Ton running. Here is a picture of what she looked like too: A lot of people restore them and put Chevy small/big block V8’s in it, pretty damn cool:

In 1947, Chevy released the 3100 Series. The 3100 series veered away from functionality and was geared more towards the consumer with new features like a radio, and a 3-person seat etc. The 3100 had a 3.1L Inline-6 and produced 78 horses, the same amount as the 38′ Half-Ton. Fun-Fact from 1947: The average yearly household income was $2,850. This video below shows the beauty of the horizontal 5-bar grill and how the thing runs. This is her:

In 1955, Chevy released the 3124 Series, or the Cameo Carrier. It was marketed as the “Executive Truck” because it does look pretty suave, if I may say so myself. The 3124 had a 3.85L Inline-6, okay Chevy, come on, do something different. It produced a huge 123 Horsepower and was a popular truck for many. This is her: ICONIC!

In 1967, Chevy released the C/K10 Series. This was released with a 4.79L Inline-6 but it did come with small block and big block V8 options, which Chevy are now famous for. The inline-6 put out a modest 153 horsepower and continued to grow as an American icon. Costing around $2400, it was affordable, and reliable. Fun-Fact from 1967: The average price of a new home was $24,600. This was her:

Look at that carburetor!

Okay.. the next one is possibly the most American thing you will ever see, besides this:

In 1973, Chevy came out with the C30 One-Ton Dually! and with a 5.7L V8 it was the heaviest heavy duty hauler out there. It packed 155 horsepower and seated 6 people, among being able to tow various tons of different objects. Fun-Fact: Its radio antenna was integrated into its windshield glass. This was her:

Not the best video but it shows how she runs!

In 1988, Chevy came out with their off-roading 4×4 called the C/K1500. This was the first Chevy truck that was given the ability to independently switch in and out of 4-wheel-drive. The C/K1500 had 185 horsepower in its 5.7L V8. Fun-Fact: The C1500 won the Hulman Indy Challenge Trophy averaging 103 mph for 24 hours as it covered 2,483 miles over 999 laps. This was her:

In 1999, they came out with perhaps the most widely known Chevy truck: The Silverado 1500. It had a 5.3L V8 pushing out over 270 horsepower thanks to Vortec TM. Fun Fact from 1999: Bill Clinton was president. Well..I guess that’s not very fun. This was her:

1999 Chevrolet K2500 4×4 Silverado LS Regular Cab Long Box. 99-08SIL

Since then, and 2007 onward, Chevy have made amendments to their Silverado line, upgrading their engine to produce close to 400 horsepower and 340 ft-lbs of torque, crazy. Anyway, they look pretty sexy these days:

It wouldn’t be a car blog without a Donut Media Feature:

So, the information in this article was taken straight from the Chevy Website and is as accurate as they say it is. I merely put it all together. This one was a fun one for me, like I said, because it put the Chevy history together for me and brought me back to my youth when I used to watch American Pickers. Again, If you are interested in car blogs and want to read some more, here you go:

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