All models of the MX5 Miata have the same three things in common, and they are: Tiny, Lightweight, and Rear Wheel Drive. This car debuted at the 1989 Chicago auto-show and own the heart of many. I think Car and Driver magazine say it best when writer Alexander Stoklosa states that “It is a simple, fun, affordable sports car—a key driver behind its becoming the best-selling roadster of all time some years ago. There’s a good chance someone you know has one, has had one, or wants one.” (2019). The MX5 Miata is a simple, affordable, and one of the most powerful 4 cyclinder engines on the market.

In 1990, the MX5 Miata is finally released to the consumer and is dubbed “The NA Generation” or in GTI talk: Mark 1. The 1990 Miata had a 1.6L DOHC (dual overhead cam) inline-4 engine that put out a little over 116 Horsepower. She’s a grower, not a shower, okay? This is her and this is her engine:

Complete with the pop-up headlights, drool.

In 1999 the second generation (NB/Mark II) was born. The NB went away with a couple things, the most important and diabolical thing that they went away with was the POP-UP HEADLIGHTS! Nobody wanted to see them go. But the NB produced a 1.8L DOHC Inline-4 which produced a not so impressive, but increased, horsepower of 140. This was her:

In 2005, the NC (Mark III) was introduced. This model they switched to potentially the most popular engine in the world of affordable compact sports cars, the 2.0L DOHC Inline-4. This engine put out a whopping 170 Horsepower – only 8 ponies shy of the previous year’s turbocharged engine in the now-dead Mazdaspeed version. This was her (still didn’t have pop-up headlights):

In 2015, the ND was released and the MX5 Miata officially became a luxury sports car. Complete with leather seats and carbon fiber paneling, the ND MX5 Miata is the lightest and fastest MX5 ever released, even faster than the turbocharged NB mazdaspeed model yet only has 150 Horsepower. Car and Driver stated that the 2015 Miata’s “cozy cabin was stripped of all frippery”. Which meant that the designers had curated all previous years and made a SUPREME MIATA. The engine was a 2.0L DOHC Inline-4 and she was gorgeous:

Fucking Gorgeous

I remember delivering pizza’s for domino’s my freshman year of college (UCF, Florida). I also worked on a golf course at the time and in return for getting my buddy free rounds of golf, he would let me drive his 1996 MX5 Miata 5-speed. I would deliver the pizza’s and get back to the shop, then need to go back to the delivery with a new pizza because the “cheese was slopped” and the “toppings were messed up”I ,because I’d be taking corners at 60 mph. I wasn’t the best delivery driver, but I was great at driving a lightweight, rear wheel drive sports car. One of my favorite cars to drive in the world. Truly exceptional. Also, a quick message to Mazda: If you don’t bring back the pop-up headlights, I’m going to find someone in charge and do bad things 🙂

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