Now, when you think of an Aston Martin, you probably think of James Bond. Which is exactly what you should be thinking about because he is the epitome of both class and testicular fortitude, everything you want in a man and in a car. Aston Martin was founded in London in 1913, which was a tough year for, well.. the world, leading up the beginning of World War 1. Aston Martin was founded by Lionel Martin and Robert Bamford, who were more focused on winning multiple World Wars for the Allies, than their dreams of owning and operating a car company. So, during the war years the company didn’t really produce that many spectacular vehicles. It wasn’t until 1947, when David Brown (Mr DB himself) bought the company, that it really made an impact on the modern world. David Brown created the DB series, which changed what made a luxury sports car a luxury sports car.

In 1948, Aston Martin came out with the 2-Liter Sports or DB1. The DB1 had a 2.0L Inline 4, and if you had read my last post about the GTI, you’d know that Volkswagen didn’t create their first 2.0L I4 until the 80s! The DB1 had a crazy 90 Horsepower and a top speed of 93 mph, in 1948.. nuts. This was her:

In 1950, David Brown released the the DB2 which featured 2.6L Lagonda Inline 6 which pumped out a huge 105 horsepower and allowed it to hit a max speed of around 100 mph, not much different to the DB1 but it offered a hint of future development to the DB Series, which is what the market wanted. The DB2 was sleeker, slimmer, sexier, and not slower:

The DB3 was introduced in 1951, just a year after the DB2. The DB3 had a 2.9L Lagonda Inline-6, not a huge difference in engine size, but it had a different design and a different curb weight, wheel base, etc. So, it produced a dramatically different amount of horsepower, 163! and hit an extraordinary top speed of around 140 mph. This was her: (without a roof)

The DB4 was introduced in 1958 and brought to the table a 3.7 Liter Double OverHead Cam (DOHC) Inline-6. DOHC engines are associated with increased horsepower, max speed, and torque, which dramatically increased the horsepower to 240hp and the max speed to around 150 mph. This is her:

The DB5, for personal reasons, is my favorite model of the DB series. It had a 4.0 Liter DOHC Inline-6 which produced around 300 horsepower and a max speed of around 150 mph. It is most commonly known for its role in pretty much every james bond film! It was the same car used in Goldfinger, Thunderball, Goldeneye, Tomorrow Never Dies, Casino Royal, Skyfall, and Spectre. This is her, Drool. This car deserves a superlative with a swear: Fucking Magnificent!

Anyway, the DB6 was released in 1965, and was essentially a lighter, more streamlined DB5. It also had a 4.0L DOHC Inline-6 and did pretty much the same thing. They should have called the DB6, the DB5 Mk II. This is her:

See.. pretty much the exact same.

After the DB6, Aston Martin Released the DBS (If you are interested). The DBS was the last model released in the DB Series with David Brown as the owner. Brown sold Aston Martin in 1972, and it wasn’t until Ford purchased it in 1991 that the DB series continued. It was revived with the DB7. The DB7 had a 5.9L V12 engine.. The company was Americanized.

They went from this:

To this…

That’s like going from discovering fire to landing on the moon, in a week. The DB7 had around 400 Horsepower and could go around 170 mph. Aston Martin was officially a supercar brand. This is her:

The DB8 does not exist. They skipped to the DB9 because they didnt want people to think that the DB8 had a V8, when it actually had a V12, haha, sounds like an American decision.

The DB9 also had a 5.9L V12 and didnt really changed much in terms of performance. Maybe better handing, braking, etc. Minor things that the average supercar owner doesn’t really give a crap about. The DB9 was for the type of person who bought the iphone 10 in 2019 and wanted the iphone 11 in 2020. This was her:

The DB10 has a weird 4.7L AJ37 DOHC V8, which is essentially means it can have dry-sump lubrication and be mounted extremely low to the ground allowing it to have a much lower center of gravity, corner better, deal with torque better etc. The DB10 was built with the track in mind. This is her:

The DB11 is being released this year and is an absolute robot of a car, and for just $200,000, it could be yours. IT HAS A 5.2L TWIN-TURBO V12 AND PUTS OUT 600 HORSEPOWER WITH A TOP SPEED OF “OVER 200 MPH”. I can’t say anymore. I’ll let images explain, because words sure as hell can’t. This is her engine:

Aston Martin Auckland, Giltrap Group. PHOTO / MATTHEW HANSEN

This is her body, drool:

All in all, the DB series has been one of the most successful luxury car families in the history of the world. From James Bond to Tommy Brady, Aston Martin has the hearts of many, but from the classiness of the past to the sophistication of the future: Aston Martin continues to develop and by 2021 will probably have synthetically created a black hole that could bring back the ancient aliens of the past OR, if you are listening Aston Martin gods: you could bring back the DB5 with a Twin-Turbo 2.0L Inline-4. A GTI engine in a DB5, with a Twin-Turbo, that’s a dream right there. What do you think Aston should do next? Leave a comment.

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