Reading “The Railway Man” taught me a lot about a lot of things. For instance, how to show love to someone you hate, how to maintain perseverance through difficult times, and how to practice positivity when there is no sight of a happy ending. All of these things can be applied to small and large situations in life. I struggle deeply with clinical depression and have had many problems with substance abuse, self-harm, alcoholism etc. However, writers like Lomax got me through. Writers like Lomax make your worries seem so minute and so irrelevant to leading a happy life that it helps you realize how bad it can really be. Writers like Lomax allow me to tell myself “You have it easy, so stop whatever the fuck it is that you are doing, idiot”. Writers like Lomax share a story that not many people have shared, and one that not many people can relate to, but it is one that many can take from, and better themselves with. ds106dc

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