I bet he’s glad he didn’t catch these hands.

Now, anyone can take a selfie with their animal. See:

But, can anyone get provoked by a cat and live to tell the tale? I am allergic to cats and when I visit my grandmother her cat doesn’t leave my lap. It’s like he knows that his presence causes me discomfort. One day I just couldn’t hack it anymore so I pushed him off, nicely, and he tried to take my head off! It was extremely disrespectful considering I had just petted him for an hour or so. I think that since his name is Tink he needs to act out aggressively in order to fuel his masculinity a little bit. Which I am totally okay with, but he needs to learn that he can act tough without actually hurting others. Silly Cat.

I love all animals, but this cat is a bad boy. Also, I apologize for the poor image quality, hope the video makes up for it haha. ds106assigment

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