Hopefully Its Relatable

A primary occupation of parents is to embarrass their children. Growing up, I didn’t have a father. So, that means the entirety of the job fell on my mothers shoulders, and she was bloody good at it. That was the spark of motivation for this meme. I remember sitting patiently on the couch whilst she vetted my friends and if she liked them, she would proceed to make sure they knew I wasn’t as cool as they thought I was through a process she called “Educational Embarrassment”. She claimed it taught my friends not to believe what was presented to them on the surface and she claimed it taught me how to deal with embarrassment and to be more comfortable with the real me. I would constantly get annoyed with her for doing it, but she said that it was a necessary evil. If I allowed her educational embarrassment, then she allowed me to stay out to whatever time I felt was a reasonable time to stay out until. I’d say that was a pretty fair deal. I’m sure everyone has been in this situation before, and it does not feel good. As much as you try to embarrass your parents, they always have a comeback, it’s like they know everything about you 😉 It was a nice memory to pop into my head because I don’t get to see my mother very often. I can’t wait until she meets my future wife, they’ll both gang up on me. ds106assignment

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